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Bullion Bars App for iPhone, iPad and Android

Bullion Bars AppSimilar in many ways to the classic one-armed bandits, Bullion Bars is a Novoline slot game that is aimed at the seriously old-school slot player! Characterised by its simple design and excellent potential for turning a profit, Bullion Bars has started to attract players that are only now making the move from offline arcades to online slot casinos. Although it doesn’t have the free-spins that you can find in Banana Splash or the bonus features of Book of Ra, Bullion Bars remains a much sought-after Novoline slot game.

Bullion Bars has only 3 reels with just 9 symbols on each. This makes the gameplay very straight-forward while allowing Novoline to place much bigger payouts on each line than usual. There are an impressive 20 paylines that you can bet on, so wins come up very regularly. The maximum stake on a Bullion Bars game online is €5 per line which is huge – €100 per spin, but perhaps even more impressive is the possible jackpot of €50,000 when playing at this level.

Bullion Bars

Bullion Bars App (Novoline)

Novoline Bullion Bars AppBullion Bars took a long while to make its transition from offline to online. Whilst it does enjoy a small yet loyal following of players, it doesn’t quite have the popularity of some of Novoline’s top slot games. Because of this, it does unfortunately seem unlikely that a Bullion Bars app will be released any time soon. It would certainly not be a surprise if Novoline decided to release their more popular classics before the niche-filling slots such as this.

Until a Bullion Bars app is released, you can always play the desktop version of this slot game at various online casinos like Quasar Gaming, Ovo Casino and Casino Fantasia. Each of these casinos specialise in providing Novoline slot games and they are all very good at it too. They all have a 100% matched deposit bonus of at least €200 available as a welcome bonus, so you can get a great head-start on your gaming. Not only that, but they all also have additional benefits for on-going players from VIP schemes, points-based cash prizes, referral schemes and further bonuses for subsequent deposits.

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Conclusion: Bullion Bars App

With all of this available right now, there has never been a better time to start playing Bullion Bars and other Novoline slots online. You will also be able to find details of a Bullion Bars app (if one is on its way at any time) right here on this website, so make sure you save this page and check back often!