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Gold Cup App for iPhone, iPad and Android

Gold Cup AppThe Merkur Slot Gold Cup is once again a good example that you don’t need generous bonus features or free play modes to win the favor of players. Gold Cup only has 5 reels and 5 paylines. The only bonus feature is the so-called Wild on Reel Feature – a combination that makes for very good chances and often very high line profits. This is also the reason why this slot has now become one of the most popular titles from the Merkur Magie 2.

Although you could play Gold Cup play on slot machine in real casinos for a long time, this slot (like many others) is now available online at various online casinos. However, we’ll have to keep waiting for a Gold Cup app for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Alternatives to Gold Cup App

Gold Cup App MerkurUnfortunately, there are currently no real alternatives to the missing Gold Cup app. Therefore, you must either continue to use a Merkur Magie 2 machine or one of the Merkur online casinos if you want to play this slot. We especially recommend the latter because the games on the Internet bring some advantages. You can play Gold Cup at any of the various providers without having to register. Since the game can be played directly in the browser, it requires no download to use. Another advantage of the online version is that you can choose from various bonuses for your first deposit – extra money that you should not pass up.

The Stake 7 Casino currently offers the best deal. New players receive a 100% bonus up to €400 with your first deposit, which is significantly more than the competition.

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Conclusion: Gold Cup App

All in all, it is not surprising that the Merkur Gold Cup slot is so popular. The profit possibilities are simply top notch and the line wins are much better than the competitors. The only criticism is that there is no Gold Cup app for iPhone, iPad or Android at the moment. If there is any news in this regard, we will promptly report about it here.