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Extra Wild App for iPhone, iPad and Android

Extra Wild AppExtra Wild has been one of the most successful and popular slots from the house of Merkur and many players use it regularly. Although this slot used to be available only as a real slot machine, Extra Wild is now finally available on the internet.

An Extra Wild App for iPhone, iPad and Android devices is unfortunately not yet available. The demand for such an app is enormous, but Merkur did not want to speak on the subject when asked. If there is any news regarding the Extra Wild app, we will report it immediately.

Alternatives to Extra Wild App

Extra Wild App MerkurSince you’ll have to keep waiting for an Extra Wild app, you’ll have to head to a gambling hall or one of the Merkur online casinos if you want to play this slot. We prefer the latter in any case – and for the following reasons: Firstly, you can use the various Merkur online casinos for free without registering or downloading anything. Secondly, you win online more frequently than usual. This is due to an approximately 30% higher payout for the Merkur online games as opposed to the machine in a gambling hall. The payout odds for the individual games can be viewed at any time on the websites of the providers.

Another reason, which speaks for these games on the Internet are the different bonus offers for the first deposit. We especially recommend one provider at the moment: The Stake 7 Casino. The Stake 7 Casino currently has the best first deposit bonus. New players currently receive a 100% bonus up to €400, so you’ll already have enough money to play with after just a small deposit.

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Conclusion: Extra Wild App

As already mentioned, we’ll have to keep waiting for a Extra Wild app to play on the go. If and when this will be released is not entirely clear. Our team is, however, in constant contact with the various providers and will inform you immediately about new information regarding an Extra Wild App.