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Extra 10 Liner App for iPhone, iPad and Android

Extra 10 Liner AppExtra 10 Liner is a Merkur slot which is not only one of the most popular physical casino games, but it also has a huge online fan base regularly playing this slot.
The profit potential for Extra 10 Liner sets the benchmark and can still compete with all the new releases. Although this slot has no bonus features in the traditional sense, wins are not counted here only from left to right but also from right to left and center. As a result, you can gain at least a small profit on most spins. Extra 10 Liner is also known for high line profits and even frames.

This is also the reason why so many players are eagerly awaiting an Extra 10 Liner app for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices to also play on the go. According to the online casino, this app is already in planning but a release date is not yet known.

Alternatives to Extra 10 Liner App

Extra 10 Liner App MerkurSince the release date of the Extra 10 Liner app is unknown, the alternative is to go to a Merkur gambling hall or a Merkur online casino if you want to play this classic slot. We clearly prefer the Merkur online casinos. For one, you can play Extra 10 Liner free. On the other hand, there are attractive bonuses for playing with real money. The best welcome bonus on a first deposit is at Stake 7 Casino. Currently, you can get a 100% bonus up to €400 on your first purchase – extra money that you should definitely take advantage of.

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Conclusion: Extra 10 Liner App

All in all, Extra 10 Liner has been considered one of the best slots ever since its debut. This is mainly due to the many ways to win. The fact that high line profits and even frames are not uncommon makes this offer even sweeter. For this reason we are very excited for Merkur to finally release an Extra 10 Liner App to play on the go. This app would definitely be successful because of its huge fan base.