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Big Buck Bunny App for iPhone, iPad and Android

Big Buck Bunny AppBig Buck Bunny is a Merkur slot that quickly gained numerous players. This is due not only to the successful adaptation of the popular animated film, but also because of the really good chances of winning. Although this slot has only 5 reels and 5 paylines available, there is a free spin feature that has it all. This is, as is common, triggered by the scatter symbol and offers a maximum of 50 (!) free spins. This makes Big Buck Bunny one of the most lucrative Merkur slots of all, which is ultimately the reason why many players are looking for a specific app to be able to play this slot with a smartphone or tablet.
Unfortunately, there is no special Big Buck Bunny app for the iPhone, iPad or Android devices. Our editors at Best app are in constant contact with the various Merkur online casinos, but they didn’t offer any precise information about a release date for this app.

Alternatives to Big Buck Bunny App

Big Buck Bunny App MerkurUntil the release of Big Buck Bunny as an app, players are left with only two options if you want to try your luck at this slot. Either you pick one of the many real Merkur casinos, or you can use one of the Merkur Online casinos. In our experience, the latter is preferable in any case.

Gambling on the internet is not only more convenient than going to the nearest casino, it offers numerous other advantages. On the one hand, you can play for free and test all games without registering or downloading. Secondly, the various offers provide attractive bonuses. For example, new players at the Stake 7 Casino currently receive a 100% bonus up to €400 on a first deposit.

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Conclusion: Big Buck Bunny App

Overall, it is more than unfortunate that a Big Buck Bunny app is still a ways off – especially since the demand is huge and the success would be inevitable. Although the online casinos offer a good alternative, if you want to play a few spins on the go, the whole thing is restricted. On Tablets playing is quite fun because the games are freely scalable. On the smartphone, however, this fun is limited.

If there is news about the Big Buck Bunny app, we will promptly report about it here.